A Bit of Rain…

…Never hurt anyone!

The weather has been truly Autumnal recently – rain, drizzle, damp with a bit more rain for luck.  My days of staying tucked up indoors when its miserable outside are well past now – it’ll take more than a few drops of rain to keep George inside!

The park has been pretty much deserted in the bad weather, but we’ve been making the most of having it to ourselves!



Well.  Its been awhile hasn’t?  Things have been a little on the hectic side round here the past month or so blogging has unfortunately fallen by the wayside.  But things are (for now) calming down a little – our flat is on the market, the DIY has been done, the cleaning is…a work in progress.  Lets be honest, any home with a toddler living in it is never going to be clean for longer than 13 seconds at a time!

I did squeeze in time for a little blog restyle, I’m happier with how it looks here now, but I know I can be more happy.  Just need a little time to learn about HTML and all that jazz.

Anyways, there’ll be more action round these parts very soon.  Promise!

Quiet week….

So it turns out I really need to be ALOT more organised with this blogging lark – a week away combined with a ton of freelance work means zilch in the way of posting time.  Apologies!  And I had a whole post idea planned out in my head of how its meant to be autumn but its still 30* degrees (the car temperature gauge said 31* last Wednesday!) – but as I didn’t have time to actually get it posted I missed the boat and its now grey and drizzly.  Ho hum.  It is quite a nice change being able to get in the car without melting every time we have to go anywhere!

So, I’ll get my bum in gear and get organised as I really want this to work, for me more than anything.  Just a record of our day to day life as the small terror is changing so much and so quickly 🙂