What a day. And pizza!

Crikey it’s been a long day today! I had big plans for making and photographing my homemade pizzas to post but I’m afraid that went right out of the window –

A). Managed to lock myself and George out of the flat this morning on the way to the supermarket. So no car, no pushchair. Luckily Phil’s boss was going to be passing through so he brought Phil’s keys. But we had to walk the better part of a mile to town to meet him, and the same home. Luckily for me George was in a cracking mood and held my hand the whole way (normally hand holding = mega strop).

B). George catapulted himself off the balance beam at softplay in spectacular fashion – head first on to a plastic ride on zebra, then from there on to the floor. Also head first.

C). Got locked out of the car in the supermarket car park when the battery in the remote key card thingy died. Resulting in having to use the teeny spare key that sets the alarm off so I looked suspiciously like I was trying to steal my own car.

So by the time we got home and I made the pizzas it’s fair to say my mind was pretty much fried – I remembered while dishing up to take a photo but by the time I got to the table with it I forgot until it was eaten. So, apologies for a picture less post! But atleast I have an excuse to make pizza again :).

Also, this is my first post using the WordPress app on the iPad so fingers crossed it turns out ok!


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