The Big City pt2

As part of our day trip to the big smoke (part 1 here) we met up with some friends and had a wander round Crystal Palace Park.

These dinosaur sculptures are apparently the oldest dino sculptures in the world, and each one is a Grade I Listed Building.  Odd to think of a dinosaur sculpture as a building…

George had a fun time terrorising the chickens at the farm too (just kidding, no animals were harmed during our visit).  The farm is amazing for little ones to meet animals – especially as its free to get in.


The Big City pt1

Considering we live fairly close to London we don’t actually get there very often – its a bit of a faff with a pushchair and all the luggage that comes with a toddler.  Even just for a day trip!  But the other week we made it, for our annual visit to the Eurogamer convention at Earls Court.  My husband is something of a computer games enthusiast so for the past few years we’ve come to see the new releases and have a nosy at the new consoles.

This was our second year taking George, and last year he was too little to really pay any attention so we were a little apprehensive about how he would take it this time around.  As it happened he was under the weather anyway so not the happiest of chaps but he took it mostly in his stride 🙂

I used it as a research trip too – when I’m not running around after the small one I work as a freelance exhibition stand design, and its always good to see a few stands in the flesh.

Easy home made play dough

A while back George and I ended up stuck at home for a whole day while Phil was at work with all the car and house keys in his bag (those with toddlers will understand how terrifying that concept is – over 8 hours in a confined space – eek!).  So I scoured my pinterest account for some ideas and came up with a play dough recipe that luckily I had all the ingredients for.  

The original recipe is here, but I’ll type it out in grams as I loathe having to waste time converting cups to grams.  

250g flour
273g salt
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
2 tablespoons cream of tartar
355ml boiling water
Optional: food colouring and/or scent
I made half a batch and its more than enough for us, and its kept amazingly well in the fridge – no signs of getting past it yet and it must be a good 2 months old by now.  Wilkinsons have some amazingly good value play dough tools as well 🙂

Another poorly week

Mother Nature decided that as we’d barely got over our joint colds from a week or two ago she may as well wallop the little man with a nasty bout of tonsilitis too.  Which, being the loving, sharing boy he is quickly passed on to me too.  So last week was a bit of a write off in terms of notable things to blog about – we spent alot of time bundled up on the sofa watching Bob the Builder and Octonauts.  (We don’t have a TV license so I can restrict his TV viewing to shows that I pick, rather than some that make me want to gouge my own eyes out.  I’m looking at you, In The Night Garden).

Anyway, that aside, just before he came over poorly we had an adventure in London and I’ve got a good, toddler approved play dough recipe ready to share.  Watch this space 😉