Tweseldown Artisan Market

On Saturday George and I left Phil busy at home hanging new doors and had a trip to the monthly Tweseldown Artisan Market, I’d seen it advertised before but never got around to going.

If I’m totally honest, I was a little underwhelmed.  I’d envisaged it being a big thing spreading over the racecourse but it was basically just a marquee with a few other little stalls surrounding it.  There were some lovely handmade goodies there  but just not enough of it!  And it was a pain trying to get the pushchair around the marquee (George is going through a phase of only walking if it means running off in completely the wrong direction – so the pushchair was a must).  Still, we shared a cracking fish finger butty and I got a lovely bit of cake to take home (which I devoured before I thought to take a photo!).

I did take my big camera, as part of my resolution to take more photos, but I only took one picture (and that one came out blurry!).  I feel a little conspicuous taking photos, and it wasn’t busy enough for me to blend in with the crowd.  So that’s something I need to work on – that camera is big to be carrying around and not even using.

Atleast the fish fingers were yummy!


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