Recap of summer 2013, pt2

So although this is mainly just for me I’ll try not to overload it with our holiday snaps, just in case there are other people reading too.  Seems weird to think other people might stumble on this and have a nosey, but given how much I adore reading other blogs I guess it might happen at some point…

Anyway, this is part 2 of a little recap of our summer – partly because I hadn’t started the blog when we went on these trips, but also because its tipping down with rain and looking at these photos makes me feel a teensy bit warmer.  This was a week in July when me, husband and the little monster went to Whitby with my Mum and my brother.  We stayed in an uh-mazing apartment courtesy of York Against Cancer who let it out to sufferers of cancer in the York area, and their families.  Sadly my Mum has cancer so we were eligible for the apartment.  That is probably yet another subject for another post *scribbles in note book* so for now stick with the photos.  Check out the amazing weather we had!

The apartment is in the big building above the beach huts.  Sea views from every window.  Like I said – amazing!


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