The North Downs Way

Not far from where we live is the North Downs Way, a footpath that leads all the way to Dover.  We’ve never got that far, but its a lovely change from our usual route through town to the park.  I was hoping we might find some brambles to pick but the only ripe ones were really high up – I reckon another week or two and the lower ones will be ripe 🙂

George seemed to enjoy the change – he’s going through a bit of a stroppy phase at the moment so I’m trying to think up different places to go with him to keep him occupied.  He likes being up in our backpack carrier and playing with my hair!

Mucky fingers!


Tweseldown Artisan Market

On Saturday George and I left Phil busy at home hanging new doors and had a trip to the monthly Tweseldown Artisan Market, I’d seen it advertised before but never got around to going.

If I’m totally honest, I was a little underwhelmed.  I’d envisaged it being a big thing spreading over the racecourse but it was basically just a marquee with a few other little stalls surrounding it.  There were some lovely handmade goodies there  but just not enough of it!  And it was a pain trying to get the pushchair around the marquee (George is going through a phase of only walking if it means running off in completely the wrong direction – so the pushchair was a must).  Still, we shared a cracking fish finger butty and I got a lovely bit of cake to take home (which I devoured before I thought to take a photo!).

I did take my big camera, as part of my resolution to take more photos, but I only took one picture (and that one came out blurry!).  I feel a little conspicuous taking photos, and it wasn’t busy enough for me to blend in with the crowd.  So that’s something I need to work on – that camera is big to be carrying around and not even using.

Atleast the fish fingers were yummy!

A week of coughs and colds

Well, last week wasn’t a whole lot of fun – both me and the little fella ended up full of cold.  Although George was sniffy and miserable it didn’t slow him down an awful lot which meant it was a rough week for me!  When I’m poorly I like hot drinks, biscuits and lots of sitting down.  None of which is easy with a toddler to entertain all day.  We spent a lot of time eating drawing with wax crayons before we made it out into the fresh air to the park…

This week is looking better already, the sun is out and we’re both pretty much fighting fit again 🙂

Recap of summer 2013, pt2

So although this is mainly just for me I’ll try not to overload it with our holiday snaps, just in case there are other people reading too.  Seems weird to think other people might stumble on this and have a nosey, but given how much I adore reading other blogs I guess it might happen at some point…

Anyway, this is part 2 of a little recap of our summer – partly because I hadn’t started the blog when we went on these trips, but also because its tipping down with rain and looking at these photos makes me feel a teensy bit warmer.  This was a week in July when me, husband and the little monster went to Whitby with my Mum and my brother.  We stayed in an uh-mazing apartment courtesy of York Against Cancer who let it out to sufferers of cancer in the York area, and their families.  Sadly my Mum has cancer so we were eligible for the apartment.  That is probably yet another subject for another post *scribbles in note book* so for now stick with the photos.  Check out the amazing weather we had!

The apartment is in the big building above the beach huts.  Sea views from every window.  Like I said – amazing!

Recap of summer 2013 pt1

This summer is the first real summer we’ve had with George – well, the first summer he’s been big enough to really take notice of things and enjoy them.  As he was born in May 2012 last summer was basically a blur of feeding, sleepless nights and getting used to life as a family of 3.  I think most parents will admit that the first few months of a new baby’s life are damn hard work, and really not all that much fun.  Actually, maybe that’s just me, I struggled with post natal depression last year so although I love George to pieces I don’t look back on his first few months with the rosy glow I kind of expected.  Anyway, that’s probably a subject for another post, for now I’ve got a few photos from our early summer holiday to Devon 🙂

Ahh holidays…:)

Quiet week….

So it turns out I really need to be ALOT more organised with this blogging lark – a week away combined with a ton of freelance work means zilch in the way of posting time.  Apologies!  And I had a whole post idea planned out in my head of how its meant to be autumn but its still 30* degrees (the car temperature gauge said 31* last Wednesday!) – but as I didn’t have time to actually get it posted I missed the boat and its now grey and drizzly.  Ho hum.  It is quite a nice change being able to get in the car without melting every time we have to go anywhere!

So, I’ll get my bum in gear and get organised as I really want this to work, for me more than anything.  Just a record of our day to day life as the small terror is changing so much and so quickly 🙂

Gift ideas for him

My husband’s birthday is approaching fast and as my first present idea was accidentally opened by the man himself when the postman brought it I need to get my act together.  Fast.

These are a few possible pressie ideas for the man of the house…

Sources (all from Etsy): 1.  Iphone cosy/wallet from Joojoobs    2.  Cool Star Wars art print from MonkeyMinion   3.  Canvas backpack from Commandery   4.  Selection of grill seasonings from KitchenStories   5.  Leather Ipad sleeve from JustWanderlustShop   6.  Wood Iphone cover from Bark Accessories

Baking with the Boy

Well, if you can call it baking – more like let him tip pre-weighed ingredients into a bowl and stir!  Still, it kept him occupied for a few minutes.  Then he started grabbing handfuls and chucking it all over the place…

For anyone with young toddlers this recipe has gone down a treat with George – less so with me as I like my flapjack drenched in golden syrup and sugar!  Anyway, this website has been floating around on one of the mummy forums I’m a member of so thought we’d give it a try.  We used the recipe for sugar free flapjacks and followed it pretty much to the letter so I won’t bother retyping it here.  Enjoy 🙂