Stroll around Waverley Abbey

This morning George (my previously mentioned one year old son) and I took a drive over to Waverley Abbey – or what’s left of it – in an attempt to exercise some of the teething temper tantrums out of him.  It wasn’t quite as peaceful as I’d remembered given that a bunch of fellas were busy putting down a temporary road and fencing in preparation for filming of a new film there soon.  Still, quite exciting to think part of a Hollywood film is being filmed just a mile or two down the road!  According to the guy I spoke to its called Into The Woods starring Merryl Streep and Johnny Depp!  I think we might have another stroll in that direction in a few weeks time…


The Awkward First Post

So… this is my new blog.  Welcome.  Although for now I’m not telling anyone about it, or making it all fancy pants with a snazzy theme or anything.  Nope, most important thing is seeing if I have anything worth blogging about.  So we’ll see how I do.  At the very least I’m hoping this forces encourages me to take more photos and use my lovely big camera a bit more.  And hopefully do more crafting, although that’s doubtful as craft and an-almost-sixteen-month-old really don’t mix too well!  So before I start babbling too much I’ll shut up and go get my camera 🙂

Do grownups actually use smilies?  Apparently they do.  Or I’m not a grownup?!  Either way, I like smileys.  And smilies.  And didn’t I say I’d stop before I started babbling…..?!